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Growing Your Business,

When YOU Are The Business.

Business Development speaker, Mark LeBlanc, will share what you need to know and do to take your business up one level or four. In these times of challenge and change, staying on top requires you to maintain your focus, generate momentum and raise the bar on your own performance. Mark is an award-winning speaker and a past president of the National Speakers Association. His new book is titled, Growing Your Business When YOU Are The Business

  • Get your financial house in order

  • Put more money in your pocket as an owner

  • 9 minutes to create an extreme sliver of focus

  • Get your life back in balance

  • Tap into the greatest asset in your business


If you are open to letting go of what might not be working for you and exploring a fresh way of looking at your business, you will unlock the combination for your success.



1:30-3:30 pm


1:30-3:30 pm

Prior Lake, MN



only $49

(presale special)

Benefit and Awareness


100% of all net proceeds will go to the rebuilding efforts in Madelia, MN a community that was devastated by fire. On February 3rd a fire broke out in the middle of the block on main street. The high winds and blizzard conditions (despite the efforts of over 100 firefighters) destroyed eight business owners dreams. The impact on the community has been devastating, their spirit is intact and the town will rebuild. Your participation in this event will show your support!


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