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Hospitality Rocks training programs are unlike any training you have ever attended.  Incorporating the most effective adult learning techniques, the engaging programs create participant involvement and activities to ensure that this training creates lasting change for your team and benefits to grow your business. 



  • Restaurant Server Training:  Creating a Remarkable Guest Experience


  • ALL-IN Guest Service:  Creating the WOW! Experience


  • Show Off Service: Creating the Ultimate Guest Experience


  • Guiding Your Guests: Secrets to Growing the Check Average


  • Counter Service Training:  Quick Connection - Maximum Experience


  • Catering Service Training:  Impacting Client Experience for Growth


  • Senior Service Training:  Creating A Connection Culture 



  • Hiring Top Talent

  • Growing Your Business

  • Integrity is a Choice

  • Team Building

  • Recognition that Rocks!

  • No Excuses Leadership

  • Brand Matters - Build Yours!

  • Being the Best

  • TEAM Attraction

  • TEAM Selection

  • TEAM Orientation

  • Team Retention

  • Creativity Counts

  • Pre-Shift for Profit

  • Goal Setting for Hospitality Leaders



    Server Training Kit                   $59     (Restaurant Server Training PLUS Guiding Your Guests)

    Restaurant Server Training   $39

    Guiding Your Guest                  $39   

    All In Service                              $39

    Showoff Service                        $39

    Catering Service                       $39

    Counter Service                        $39

    Senior Service                           $39


    Instructor Resource - $395 /Program              Additional Copies (same program) - $195



  Success Kits  


    20 Server Training Kits + Instructor Resource      $1375 value    Special $ 995


    50 Server Training Kits + Instructor Resource      $2845 value    Special $1995


  100 Server Training Kits + Instructor Resource      $5390 value    Special $3995


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